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Painless Software Solutions that Transform your Office into a Clutter-free, Productive, and Collaborative Environment


CEGsoft is a software development company with the mission of enhancing the interaction between humans and technology by leading the market in product innovation and efficiency.


Our experience in creating our products in house, both by front and back-end software engineering, has led us to provide four solutions that are used by top industry leaders in National Accounting Firms, Banking Industry, Government, Fortune 500, Education Institutions, as well as medium and small enterprises.


We design it, you experience it!

Who we are


Our company culture constantly promotes creativity, fun, and initiative. This in turn, encourages the team to work hard in our number one value, which is to make our customers happy, not only with our service but by challenging ourselves daily to discover the best ways to make your work life much simpler!


We are a family that works together to keep you, our customer, at the center of our designs.

Why Us

We are currently working on incorporating new technology that will deliver features such as online and multi-device accessibility to our products as well as secure cloud storage for all files, giving you access from virtually anywhere.


We look forward to having you on board!

What's Next

The Values that Keep Us in Check

Customer Satisfaction First
Enable Constant Innovation
Work as a Team
Encourage Initiative and Creativity
Enjoy the Ride

Four Products Created to Suit your Needs

Feel Confident About Your Decision

Years of Experience


Business Customers


Products Users


More than a Product, we are a Solution

We go beyond tax software, we create efficient and productive work environments with intuitive and easy to implement products. Take a look!



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